Mick is a performing artist who has garnered praise for his songwriting, rhythmic style, and engaging voice.

As a solo artist, Mick released his debut CD
OK, Now What? and self-booked a US performance tour in 2001, and for the rest of the decade performed extensively on the East Coast. He has been a featured guest on 88.5 WXPN, performed the National Anthem for thousands at a pro ball game, entertained at the Folk Festival campgrounds, and provided multi-instrumental accompaniment for fellow artists.

These days Mick can occasionally be heard performing jazz standards at the piano, accompanied by Matt Lamar on guitar. Choder and LaMar perform at weddings and other private affairs.

In addition to his talent as a singer/songwriter, Mick is a
Board-Certified Music Therapist, PA Licensed Professional Counselor, organizer, producer, and teacher. He invented and produced the popular Philly Song Shuffle in collaborated with JPFolks and Xtreme Folk Scene. He created numerous performance and networking opportunities, and organized concerts to benefit local and international charities as co-coordinator of the Philadelphia chapter of Just Plain Folks from 2001-2005.

Mick began playing guitar at age 9, and eventually took lesssons in trombone, piano, cello, violin, and African drums. By age 13, he joined his first rock band, the first of many creative outlets including original and cover bands, acapella groups, and more. Wherever he goes, Philadelphia, Boston, Boulder, Moscow, and most recently Seoul (2009), Mick involves himself in music.

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