Abington Music Therapy Center Providing Services for all Ages and Across the Spectrum
People often ask "What is music therapy?" Because it varies greatly depending on the specific needs of each client, music therapy is not easy to define. However, the American Music Therapy Association describes it this way:

"...The clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship...

Music therapists assess emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning, communication abilities, and cognitive skills through musical responses; design music sessions for individuals and groups based on client needs using music improvisation, receptive music listening, song writing, lyric discussion, music and imagery, music performance, and learning through music..."
People of all ages can benefit from music therapy, including those with mental health needs, developmental and learning disabilities, Alzheimer's disease and other aging related conditions, substance abuse problems, brain injuries, physical disabilities, and acute and chronic pain.
Abington Music Therapy Center's therapeutic team includes Mick Choder, MA, MT-BC, LPC, and Courtney Parker, MMT, MT-BC, AVPT. The combined expertise of our team allows us to provide quality services for all ages, from infancy through the life span.

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