Healthy self-expression has the power to bring peace, healing, and personal fulfillment. When we learn to listen to and express our own inner voice, we can begin to create harmony in our self-perceptions, interpersonal relationships, and life choices.
For individuals seeking self-discovery, personal healing, and the awakening of potential, I offer:

Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy
Music Therapy
Performance Enhancement for Musicians
Group Workshops

Private sessions provide a safe and supportive environment in which to explore emotions, behaviors, interpersonal relationships, and the deeper self, using a variety of methods for understanding and working through problems, conflicts, and concerns.

Issues that can be addressed in therapy include:

- interpersonal relationships
- life transitions
- spiritual and existential issues
- stress and anxiety
- depression
- self-esteem and identity
- creativity blocks
- communication and self-expression skills
- personal growth

Mick received his training in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and Music Therapy from Naropa University in Boulder, CO, and also holds a BS in Communication from Boston University. He is a PA Licensed Professional Counselor, and Board-Certified Music Therapist.

Since 1996 Mick has worked with clients of all ages in private practice, adult mental health programs, school settings, special education, and assisted living. He has presented workshops on mental health and creativity, and strongly advocates the importance of self expression in personal healing and growth.
Convenient to Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties.
COUNSELING SESSIONS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE at The Growth Opportunity Center in Southampton, PA. Call 215-947-8654 to inquire.

Session by appointment only.